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Submitted on
February 29, 2012


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:star::star: :pointr: The contest is closed! No more entries will be accepted. :pointl: :star::star:

Winners will be announced later this week! :)

Update 2

All judges have been found! :)

:iconfalconflight13: :iconmidnightstar26: :iconprince-jern-la-derp: :icon1axelfan: :iconcrystalpurity: :icongoldthread:

Update 1

Hi everyone! I just wanted to add an update here to say one thing: wow.

This contest hasn't even been open for a week, and we already have a journal entry filled to the brim with prizes from some amazing donators (most of which were added the first two days!!), and there are over 25 contest entries so far, and they're all excellent! :dummy:

As always, you guys are awesome! A huuuuge thanks to everyone who has donated a prize, and to everyone else taking part in this contest! <3

Keep sending in those amazing contest entries of Warriors in Spring! :lol:

:star: Click Here to See Contest Entries! :star:


It’s contest time yet again for WarriorCatsFanClub!

I know that you guys were getting worried that we would never have a contest ever again, so let's get this started! :D

Your theme is:

:flowerpot: The Clans in Newleaf :flowerpot:

Even though it may not seem like it yet, Spring is on the way. Who doesn't welcome the change from cold dreary weather to warm and sunny weather? Warrior cats are no exception! What do you imagine that the cats love to do most when Newleaf arrives? Draw or write an original scene with your favorite Warrior(s) having fun in the new season!


:bulletblue: Read through and follow all of these rules. Entries have been disqualified in the past because of this.
:bulletblue: You must be a member of WarriorCatsFanClub in order to enter the contest. If you’re not a member, the join button is located at the top of our main page.
:bulletblue: Mention the contest and WarriorCatsFanClub in your artist’s comments.
:bulletblue: You may not use lineart or bases.
:bulletblue: No OCs, only original characters from the books.
:bulletblue: Only one entry per member.
:bulletblue: Send a link to your finished entry in a NOTE to WarriorCatsFanClub.
:bulletblue: Do not submit your entry to our gallery; it won't be accepted that way.
:bulletblue: Once your entry has been accepted, it will be put into the contest entry folder (see link to contest entries below). If it's not in the folder, it has not been accepted.
:bulletblue: Your entry must be submitted to dA after February 29th, 2012.
:bulletblue: A first, second, and third place winner will be chosen.
:bulletblue: As always, have fun!!

The deadline for the contest is Sunday, April 1st, 2012. Just in time for the beginning of Spring! :)

Be sure to ask if you’re unsure of the rules or have any other questions!

:star: Click Here to See Prizes! :star:

:bulletgreen: Prizes are always welcome!  If you’re interested in donating, send note telling what you’d like to give and to whom! :thumbsup:


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Silverthistle Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012   Digital Artist
when will the winners be announced? /:l
xxMoonwish Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2012  Student General Artist
When will the winners be announced? :3
thistlesis Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2012  Student General Artist
We're currently waiting on a few of the judges, but hopefully in the next few days! :D
Mermaid-Girl-13 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Can't wait to here the winners!!! :eager:
Sharpie-Hero Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I entered, but then I moved accounts. My old account was ~Triple3Rainbow, so what should I do? Is my entry still valid?
thistlesis Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Student General Artist
You entry will still be judged, but it will be on your old account. ^^;
Sharpie-Hero Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay. :meow:
MidnightstormRiver Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Best of luck to the participants! :)
TheBlackAngel07 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What are the entries being judged on?? Just the drawing/writing skill alone, or the originality, or what?
thistlesis Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012  Student General Artist
Those plus a few other things. :)
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